2019 brochure

Our 2019 group brochure is available online, see the pdf file at the bottom of this page.

Group Tourism

The sales team at Visit Saint-Nazaire know all about the needs of group travel and will be able to give you the best advice and propose the ideal package for your group. For information or booking, please get in touch via E-mail (resagroupes@saint-nazaire-tourisme.com) or by phone (00 33 228 540 809). Looking for ideas? See our tours and packages.

Group reception is inside the Submarine base in Saint-Nazaire.

Tours and packages

Saint-Nazaire has so much to offer for groups and coach parties. First of all, there are of course all the tours and visits, Escal’Atlantic, the submarine Espadon, shipyard tours etc. All these attractions can be booked as such, or combined as a day’s programme, with lunch in one of the restaurants in Saint-Nazaire that we have selected especially for groups. See all the details and conditions in our 2017 group brochure.

The following day’s programmes are on offer:

“Ocean liners made in Saint-Nazaire” is a unique combination of a shipyard tour, where the world’s largest cruise ship is under construction, and a travel through time at Escal’Atlantic, the ocean liner experience.

“Around the harbour” combines the visit of Escal’Atlantic, the submarine Espadon and the heritage museum Ecomusée.

“Giants of the sea, giants of the air” takes you into the shipyard and into Saint-Nazaire’s Airbus factory.