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Airbus Factory

Travels on the sea, travels in the air: Saint-Nazaire is famous not only for the ships but also the planes which are built here. And this has been going on
for almost a century.

English speaking tours in July and August !

Reaching for the sky

Saint-Nazaire has been home to aeronautical industry since 1923: at first flying boats and propeller aircraft, today modern Airbus planes. The Airbus plant is an important centre of excellence for aeronautical industry in Europe. Let us take you on a two-hour guided tour inside the very workshops where the planes are assembled and equipped.

Parcourez à pied les gigantesques ateliers d'Airbus Saint-Nazaire.

Meet the family

You have the privilege of walking through two groups of impressively bright and silent workshops, called Polaris and Comete. They allow for spectacular views over the fuselage sections of the different Airbus planes. The whole family is represented: from the A320 –one of the most sold aircraft in the world- to the huge A380 and A350. Some fuselage sections are very impressive indeed.

Follow your guide…

  • For a fascinating tour through various workshops
  • For close looks at a plane when it is being assembled and equipped with its vital systems
  • For the “wow” effect when standing in front of the fuselage of an A380
Visite d'Airbus : vous voyez les avions
Visite d'Airbus : un tronçon d'avion est déplacé devant les visiteurs.

Inside the workshops

The final assembly of the various planes takes place either in Toulouse, Airbus France’s main factory, or in the German Airbus plant of Hamburg. Here in Saint-Nazaire you have the unique occasion of seeing the planes unlike passengers ever can: watch the rivets being lined up on a fuselage, see the portholes being built in, observe the high-precision work done in the cockpits…

With some luck you might even see the big cargo plane Beluga, the « flying whale ». It regularly lands at Saint-Nazaire to pick up fuselage sections which are taken to Toulouse or Hamburg. Not all of the sections take the Beluga, though: those of the A380 are too big even for the voluminous cargo hold of the airlifter. They leave Saint-Nazaire on a special ship.

The guided tour of the Airbus factory has obtained the national quality award “Qualité Tourisme”.


  • Departure by bus from the submarine base, Saint-Nazaire, Ville-Port, boulevard de la Légion d’Honneur. Carparks nearby.
  • Public transport : the nearest bus stops are rue de la Paix + 7 minutes’ walk, HélYce line (every day); Ruban Bleu + 4 minutes’ walk; U2 and U4 lines (from Monday to Saturday).



  • The Airbus tours usually take place on Wednesdays and Fridays, and 1 or 2 Saturdays in the month. See dates in the online ticket office: tours in French, and tours in English (in July and August).


How much?

2019 prices
Full Reduced* Children age 4-17
Visit 16 € 14 € 8 €

*Reduced price (ID required): students, unemployed, disabled persons and accompanying person.



  • Guided tour, 2 hours.
  • The tours are in French; English-speaking tours are organised in July and August.
  • The details of the tour inside the factory and the contents of the visit may vary according to the company’s activity.
  • See special conditions for groups.
  • The Airbus tour is not accessible to disabled visitors.
  • Photographing and filming are strictly forbidden during the tour.
  • Compulsory booking procedure:
    • ID details (name, nationality, date and place of birth) are required for each visitor.
    • Booking has to be done at least two working days prior to visiting.
    • Passport is required for the visit.